Wedding Tips For Introverts

weddings tips for the introvertI’m not a psychologist, I’m a photographer, but I’ve seen more than once, the difficulty introverts can go through on their wedding day.  What is supposed to be the best day of your life ends up feeling uncomfortable.  You feel far more drained than normal, you become more shy than normal, you become quiet (or quieter), and you feel the need to get away from people.  Not the best feelings to have on your special day. But the truth is if you are an introvert, and you know it, you should prepare you yourself for dealing with your introverted personality because, let’s face it, a wedding is a very extroverted event.

One of the ways being introverted can impact your wedding is, as the stress of the day builds and you increasingly feel your introverted side taking over, you will not want to be in front of a camera.  Nothing worse than capturing the shots of getting ready, the ceremony, the family, and the wedding party, but by the time we get to pictures of just the bride and groom, they no longer want to be in front of the camera.  You’ve been drained by the day and being in front of a camera is just making it worse.

So if you’re an introvert, how do you prepare?  How do you make sure you have enough energy to make it through the day so you can enjoy every moment without feeling drained or stressed?

We have a couple of Wedding Tips for Introverts we feel will help

  1. Don’t hire a professional photographer and a professional videographer.  Having a photographer and videographer means you’re going to feel like you’re always being watched, which will make you more conscience of every move you make.  For an introvert this is very taxing.  You’ll quickly find yourself feeling overwhelmed, crowded, and drained.
  2. Get lots of alone time before the wedding. It’s important that once the day’s documentation begins that you are well rested.  For introverts, alone time equals rest.
  3. Schedule time during your wedding day for you to disappear and be alone.  For many this is a difficult one, but you need to schedule this in your wedding day timeline and force yourself to recover.  If you have a wedding planner be sure to speak with her about putting a rest period in your wedding day timeline.  We recommend 15 minutes of alone time roughly every 3 hours as a minimum. And if you’re reception is long, 3 or more hours, take some extra time to disappear during it.
  4. Have someone else, a family member or professional, running the details of your day for you.  You can plan out all the details, but at least a week before your big day turn it over to someone else.  We recommend going with at least a professional day of coordinator, and then using family to help with other little details.  Make sure you communicate all the important details and then trust them with it.
  5. Have a short and sweet ceremony.  Standing in front of a lot of people will just tire you even more.  The less amount of time all eyes are on you the less you’ll be drained.
  6. Avoid having your ceremony or reception in a closed in space.  While being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re claustrophobic, it does mean being in close proximity to a lot of people for an extended amount of time will be more taxing on you.  A great option for an introvert is an outdoor wedding. If you need a covering then use a tent.
  7. Let your photographer know you’re an introvert. If the photographer knows you’re an introvert they can plan to take the Bride and Groom shoot somewhere private.  It’s easier for an introvert to be in front of the camera when they know no one else is watching.
  8. Get engagement pictures.  Most introverts have never had their photos taken by a professional.  By getting engagement pictures with your wedding photographer you allow yourself to become more comfortable with the process and your photographers.  You’ll be amazed at how much building up this comfort will help on your wedding day.
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