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Brian and Rachel Re-visited | Wedding Photography

We were blessed to be able to shoot the wedding of Brian and Rachel in March of last year.  What a sweet, lovely couple they were!  This was while we were living in Florida, so the photos are all from downtown Vero Beach.  We are re-posting these images because they have been re-touched with some […]

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Wedding Photography Timeline | Wedding Tips

We’ve discovered that creating a photography timeline for a wedding is one of the most common questions a bride asks. It can be a challenge for a non-photographer to imagine how long certain parts might take. The worse thing you could do is underestimate how long something might take because so much on the wedding […]

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Tammy & Shawn | Wedding Photography

It was a warm, rainy day the end of March when Tammy and Shawn joined their lives together as man and wife.  It was a last minute booking for us, but Terry was very happy to accommodate their needs and we are both so pleased with the outcome! Tammy and Shawn had a small, intimate […]

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